You are about to discover
Rice Butterflies - the wedding confetti -
to escort bride & groom in STYLE - for the
perfect rice blessing moment.


Our story begins... Our story begins...

It started some time ago and our wedding is just a step in our life. It surely is the big one and one to remember. We’re keeping our memories and count our blessings.

The moment

We want our wedding to look great, special and truly ours. Besides “I do” and rings exchange, confetti are crucial part in every ceremony all over the World. And all weddings have one thing in common - tossing rice.

Tender & classy Tender & classy

Plain rice is almost always messy. It gets to your hair and to your dress and yes, flower petals are not made of rice. And so are not the bubbles. And please, let the real butterflies live.

We want to make this moment memorable and classy. And since Rice Butterflies are made of rice only, this delicate and lightweight product even enriches the wedding tradition.

Fashion & style Fashion & style

Handmade, biodegradable, eco friendly and 100% rice product. Carefully selected rice grain and paper and a simple craftsmenship make the product the finest among wedding confetti.

Brides' Love Brides' Love

"Make sure your confetti moment is truly perfect with this adorable Rice Butterflies. They are made from rice paper, cut into beautiful shapes and individually glued with rice grain."
Brides Magazine, UK

Brides Love

You're Unique You're Unique

"Decorate your wedding day with wonderful symbols of change and growth that the butterflies represent. Let them fly on your wedding."
- All Women Stalk

Thousand Butterflies Thousand Butterflies

You can choose between EIGHT colours:
white, pink, lavender, red, blue, yellow, lime & green. Make your own colour combination that suits you. There are 100 butterflies in each package.

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Thousand Butterflies

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