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"When I came across Rice Butterflies, I was floored at how dainty yet impactful they look. The best part is that they're made from rice paper, rice grain and the glue is made from rice too! Talk about an eco-friendly option, completely safe for the environment. See for yourself. These would be lovely for a bridal shower or engagment party too. See, how they float in the air? Talk about sending the bride and groom off with well wishes."

"Rice Butterflies are more than just a Sunday afternoon arts and crafts creation but a beautiful lightweight product that is ideal for your wedding day. Instead of being bombarded with rice seeds that could easily become trapped in your wedding day ‘do’, Rice Butterflies will add colorful class to your special celebration."
- Trend Hunter

"I have long been a fan of a very gorgeous Rice Butterflies for truly creating a stunning scene to capture the moment you say ‘I do’. This dream-like confetti glides through the air adding that all important touch of sophistication to this oddest of rituals. The sky will be a whirlwind of butterfly beauty as you bask in the glory of having just said ‘I do’. Authenticity is always really important when trying to bring a room alive, and for me, this little beauties are the real McCoy."

"This is completely inavaitive and precious. I love wedding decorations and its little details. I have seen all sorts of awesome wedding stuff, but not this. These are butterflies made out of rice paper glued to rice! So simple, beautiful and witty. Kuddos to the inventor!"
- The Uniqueorn

"I've been to a wedding where the couple just got out of the hall where they were getting married and their close friends threw rice at them. What was so different and pretty in this case was that the rice had rice made butterflies that kept flying around the couple - it was beautiful! Now that's what I call a creative wedding idea! I'm going to have this in my wedding ..."
- Wedding Ideas And More

"I love the idea of keeping to throwing something MADE of rice, which is why I love Rice Butterflies, a genious Slovenian company that has created their product entirely from rice paper, rice grain, and rice glue. So it keeps in the tradition of prosperity, fertility and good luck for the couple, but the end result is a soft, fluttery celebration of color surrounding the newleyweds."
- Danielle Aspromatis

"Confetti or rice throwing at a wedding is one of the most popular traditions still with us today, but now you can combine the two in a perfect little butterfly shape! Rice Butterflies are made completely of rice and come in a variety of colours to suit your theme. We think they make for a gorgeous set of pics!"
- The Wedding Dolls

"It's a super fun and adorable idea to make your wedding exit awesome! Check out these Rice Butterflies! They are the perfect alternative from tossing bird seed or petals, but they are totally made out of rice!"
- Beautiful Wedding Tips

"I'm just glad that there is actually a stylish wedding rice alternative that looks great and keeps this newlywed tradition intact."
- Austin Wedding Blog

"Make sure your confetti moment after the ceremony is truly picture perfect with these adorable Rice Butterflies. Made from rice paper (take your pick from blue, white, red, yellow, pink, lavender and green) and cut into cute butterfly shapes, the delicate paper is weighed down with a single rice grain, individually glued on to each sheet."

"What better way to decorate your wedding day than with wonderful symbols of change and growth that the butterflies represents. When I saw these lovely Rice Butterflies I wish I had only found them sooner for our wedding. Instead of flowers being thrown or bubbles being blown, let these butterflies fly as you soar off to your honeymoon …"
- All Women Stalk

"Is it just me, or does anyone else cringe when they see couples being pelted with rice in movies as they leave their reception or wedding ceremony? Not that it doesn't look pretty - but I've often wondered if it was painful! So what's a bride to do when she wants people to shower her with something pretty, soft and unique? Rice Butterflies are a wonderful, lovely (and harmless) alternative to tossing plain (and boring) rice. Best of all, they are environmentally friendly and bio-degradable! Check out Rice Butterflies today - I love how they look in pictures!"
- WeddObsessed

"While there are many options out there today from the traditional rice to birdseed or lavender to the sticky and icky bubbles, or having a butterfly release (I'm sorry, this seems so inhumane!) But one new option is Rice Butterflies, a combination of the traditional rice with the beauty of a butterfly release without worrying about dying butterflies!"
- The Wedding Queen

"Out with the old and in with the new? While Rice Butterflies believe in tradition, they thought a little tweak was needed! These pretty little things make for a fun little affair so pass them on to your guests and have them toss them post ceremony! SO AH-dorable!"
- A Million Little Details